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What's a Subscriber?

You can now subscribe to Sew with Joe in one of two ways:

Projects and Machine Mastery ($20 per month)   -or-  Machine Mastery ($10 per month)

                          (Complete)                                                            (Machine Mastery)

"Complete" Subscribers will have access to EVERY project for sale; instructions, embroidery files, and paid videos before it can be purchased on . Complete Subscribers also have access to everything in the Machine Mastery area for the month(s) they subscribe. The Complete subscription cost is $20 USD per month.

    *Content released in prior months will not be included in the subscription. Subscribers will have         

     access to all projects that are released in the month(s) they have paid for via .

The "Complete" monthly subscription is purchased one month at a time, or for the entire year. The Content in the subscription will benefit owners of the Babylock Destiny, Brother Dream Machine, Babylock Solaris, or Brother Luminaire. Also any new Brother or Babylock with the IQ Designer or My Design Center feature.


Any month you purchase will be available to access and download for one year.

Once downloaded, you can keep it forever!

If you subscribe after the 1st of the month, You will also have access to all previous projects from that month. Your access to Machine Mastery content will only be available during the month(s) of your subscription.


     *"Complete" Monthly Subscription does not automatically renew. You may choose to subscribe to the entire year to automatically have access to each new month's projects when they are released.

Machine Mastery Subscription grants access to the Machine Mastery area of .

There are numerically ordered videos focusing on one topic each, with optional quizzes that you can take and view your score! Plus, Machine Mastery Subscribers have access to a direct chat with Joe! All Machine Mastery content is also included in Sew with Joe Complete Subscription.

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