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about Sew With Joe

Sew With Joe is here to help you get the most out of your Top-of-the-line Embroidery machine, through fun projects and videos that are tailored to your machine. 

This website is your one-stop shop for all Sew With Joe projects. Any projects you purchase will be available right here at . Check out the shop to start making something fun!

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Be sure to visit the community page for Sew With Joe on Facebook, it's free to join! The Sew With Joe Facebook Group is a place you can post project photos and questions, and interact with Joe and other members. Joe posts free weekly live videos, one free production video each month, and more right to the Facebook group page! The Free Sew With Joe Group can be found at

Sew With Joe started at a local sewing store in Naples, Florida, called Flash Sew and Quilt. A new employee was recognized for his ability to train and educate embroidery machine owners in a fun and creative way. Although this employee had over 12 years of experience in the sewing industry, He had only held local training events to that point. The owners of Flash Sew and Quilt convinced their new employee to share his knowledge through online videos.


So, Joseph (Joe) Chisum started filming videos on the Babylock Destiny from the store, and soon after purchased the Babylock Solaris to film from home.


Joe created the free Sew With Joe Facebook group, and opened it for members to join on April 2019. Within a few weeks, there were over two thousand members from all over the world!


Sew With Joe was created to teach owners of advanced embroidery machines how to master the tools and features within, through fun projects and videos.

The projects and videos you find here are made with the beginner in mind. No matter what your experience level is, you too can learn something new from Joe!

Meet Joe

The Joe behind the Sew

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Joseph (Joe) Chisum began his career in the sewing industry in January 2007, at a sewing store in Port Charlotte, Florida, called A Stitch Connection. At 18 years old, he was hired by Carol Vealey-Ellis, as a technician in training. Joe attended multiple sewing machine repair courses across the United States, and learned how to service many different brands of sewing machines. After working with several brands of machines, Joe took special interest in the Babylock and Brother brands.


Along the way, Joe found if he took time to educate the owners of sewing machines, they would have far less problems with their machines. Private lessons became group lessons, and group lessons became events.


Joe started hosting weekly demonstrations every Tuesday at Flash Sew and Quilt in Naples Florida, where they are still being held today. In 2018, Joe purchased a Babylock Solaris, to film project videos from home. He then opened the Sew with Joe Facebook Group for members to join free in April 2019. Today there are over 4500 members from all over the world.


Joe is recognized for his clear, concise directions, soft tone, and easy-to-follow pace. He enjoys teaching new techniques, and hopes to help people from all experience levels learn something new with every project.

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