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Included with purchase of May 2021: Picnic Coasters


Enjoy making tasty treats this season with the Picnic Coasters project from Sew with Joe! No baking required, and I’m told they are fat free! Learn how to make shapes with perfect finishes, and create bakery-inspired coasters in the hoop. The included video will teach you how to make your own design files, and you can learn how to embroider the provided embroidery designs by following the pictured instructions.

Picnic Coasters is the first of three projects for May 2021 Project Subscribers. Subscribe now and have access to this project now, 

New items in the shop below:

Embroidered Door Hangers

Example 2.jpg

Make a fun new embroidered door hanger today using only your embroidery machine! Get creative with applique and text to add a greeting, and learn how to make your own embroidery file with the included video. Want to jump right in? You can use one of the provided embroidery designs already made and follow the pictured instructions.

Patchwork Placemats

example 2.jpg

Learn exciting new techniques and create impressive piecework with a fun new placemat project! Make perfect patchwork squares completely in the hoop, and imagine the possibilities! The final size of this placemat is determined by the borders that you add in the hoop. Learn how to make your own embroidery files with the included video, or follow along with the pictured instructions to make one of the provided designs!

Infinity Quilt Block

Example A1.jpg
Example B1.jpg
Example A4.jpg
Example B4.jpg

This exciting new quilt block is versatile and fun! Mix in different fabrics and thread for a multicolor quilt, or create an easy graduation gift with school colors. Learn how to make your own “infinity” quilting design for use with this project and more by following along with the included video. You can make this quilt block using the provided embroidery file and pictured instructions, then sew the file you learned to make from the video!